2023 November 07 BinG’ prepares to Run Elf Run!

BinG’ prepares to Run Elf Run!

The Run Elf Run is going to be an exciting event, bringing parade floats from all corners of the forest, and of course a few mischievous elves.

Myself… Bing, am most determined to make my fellow elves proud and show that I am the fastest in the North Pole and the Majestic City of Pontiac. But in order to do so… I MUST prepare!! Since there’s not much time leading up to the race, I need to begin intense training. The competition is going to be fierce!
I MUST start training to RUN!

How do elves train you ask?

Well…. This is my plan… I will wake up early, while the North Pole is still shrouded in mist, and lace up my leafy running shoes and find the tiniest pair of gym shorts and the tiniest headband you could imagine. My workout routine will be unlike anything the North Pole has ever seen. I will start with lifting snowballs for warm-up, then move on to bench pressing candy canes. My most ambitious feat will be pull-ups on low-hanging icicles, swinging like a silly snow flake in the wind.

Wish me LUCK!!

My tiny feet will be barely touching the ground as I prepare to Run Elf Run!

Author: Holiday Extravaganza

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