Sprinkle magic in downtown Pontiac

02 December, 20220 Comments


My name is BinG, and as the elf in charge I get to sprinkle magic in downtown Pontiac to prepare for everyone from Auburn Hills, Pontiac, Waterford and White Lake to join us on Saturday for this year’s Holiday Extravaganza.

The Winter FUN Festival is from 8:30 to 10:30 am, followed by the HOLIDAY PARADE!

I invite you to bring your family and friends and make memories to last a lifetime.…

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What are you thankful for this year?

25 November, 20220 Comments


I hope you had an incredible Thanksgiving. This year has been so different, but my wish is that you have found some form of normalcy in celebrating.

My host family had a giant party last year, complete with two whole turkeys and ten pies. I remember not being able to count the number of family members they invited. Everyone was so happy.

This year, there were a total of 12 of us at our party. It was very different.

We still managed to have a great time, and found so much

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Trying Ice Cream

18 November, 20220 Comments

In the North Pole, us elves like to eat a lot of different cold snacks. But LuLu and I have never tried ice cream.

I know! It’s crazy! A sugary dessert that an elf hasn’t tried.

My first flavor choice was vanilla, but I added all of my favorite candies and sauces on top. We put sprinkles, gummy worms, hot fudge, hot caramel, cherries, m&m’s and even added whipped cream.

Wow! I was so impressed with the deliciousness that I went back for seconds. This time, I took the moose tracks

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Why I Love Snowflakes

12 November, 20220 Comments

Most people do not understand how I could love the cold as much as I do.

They say, “BinG, all of that cold is just no fun. You can’t do anything and walk around shivering.”

But I disagree, there are plenty of activities like cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, sledding, building snowmen (women and children), snowball fights, carriage rides…my list could go on forever.

The cold and the snow make me feel so homey.

Plus, snow is the most beautiful weather I have ever

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How Santa began attending Holiday Extravaganza

03 November, 20220 Comments

Well, friends, I’m back again.

I spent a long summer at the North Pole getting ready for the, get this, forty-first Holiday Extravaganza. While I was speaking with Santa about it this summer, he told me he couldn’t believe it had been that long. As I’m sure is true with many of you, we have always looked forward to this event, Santa especially. Not only does he get a first glimpse of all the little children in Michigan, but he gets to see one of his favorite cities: Pontiac.

I want to share

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Fran Anderson – Making a Difference Scholarship

26 October, 20220 Comments

Today I want to talk about making a difference. I never got to meet Fran Anderson, but Santa did and he said she was a phenomenal woman. In addition to being an educator in the city of Pontiac, she volunteered for civic and community engagements, and served on the board of directors for Holiday Extravaganza for years. Her dedication to her community truly made a difference, and it is our honor to remember her for her remarkable contributions.

This is why we honor her by presenting young

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Holiday Extravaganza returns to Downtown Pontiac for the 41st year

25 October, 20220 Comments

The Greater Pontiac Host Committee today announced Holiday Extravaganza will return to Downtown Pontiac for a 41st year. The presenting sponsors for the collaborative event between Auburn Hills, Pontiac, Waterford and White Lake are Genisys Credit Union, Lee Industrial, and Michigan Works. The event brings free activities and a parade to community families on the first Saturday of December each year, taking place this year on Saturday, December 3.

“Our holiday parade is one of the most interactive in

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