Forming Collections

01 November, 20210 Comments

Hi. I am Jingle, BinG’s close friend and assistant for Holiday Extravaganza year 40. I am happy to be helping with this event, but even more happy to be in Michigan. My jobs as elf have ranged from “White Winter Operator” to “Reindeer Antler Polisher.” I am 657 years old.

BinG asked me to help with Holiday Extravaganza because of my eye for fun, excitement and organization. BinG believes in me to make Holiday Extravaganza an event to remember for the collaborating communities. He wanted me to

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Learning how to drive

17 November, 20200 Comments

I’m sure you’ve heard by now: Holiday Extravaganza will be taking place at the M1 Concourse this year as a drive-thru event!!

It’s very exciting news, and LuLu and I are absolutely going crazy not being able to share with you all the fun surprises the Holiday Extravaganza team is brewing.

For example, you know the floats will be stationary this year. You know you’ll get to see the best costume characters. You also know Santa and his reindeer will be making a special social distanced trip to

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Rooftop Reindeer

22 October, 20200 Comments

I have a secret.

Michigan has it’s very own North Pole – and it’s called Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm.

This family owned and operated business is the perfect place to go when you want to pretend it’s below freezing and snowing while surrounded by Santa’s most faithful companions.

Friends, living so far away from home is so hard. It is rewarding to help plan the holiday event of the season, but not seeing my reindeer or elf friends for 5

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The Reason it Snows

26 August, 20200 Comments

Hi friends,

I come to you today completely outraged.

This morning I overheard LuLu having a conversation with some of the neighbor children and they are under the impression Santa cannot fly his sleigh without snow!

Please always remember: The reason Santa is able to fly his sleigh is a combination between the magic the reindeer have and the holiday spirit in the world.

Repeat after me: Santa does not need snow to fly.

In fact, many of the places he visits

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WinterFUN Expectations

03 September, 20190 Comments

Part of the fun associated with winter is taking part in timeless traditions.

Make WinterFUN Festival and Holiday Extravaganza part of the magic. The elves work all year long to bring Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the herd of flying reindeer to Southeast Michigan for a day of special fun.

From 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. the Crofoot Ballroom will be home to art.

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Holiday Extravaganza Expectations

03 September, 20190 Comments

The Dictionary defines extravaganza as “any lavish or opulent show, event, assemblage, etc.”

Let’s break that down in relation to the 38th Annual Holiday Extravaganza. 

Imagine a family

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