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Hot Cocoa Reindeers ♥♥♥

23 November, 20230 Comments

Hi again, its me. BinG.. I am getting excited for the Holidays and now that Thanksgiving is almost HERE!!

It’s the start of the HOLIDAYS!!

I am SOOOOO thankful and grateful for my friends that I considered giving them all “Hug Coupons” but instead I decided to make hot cocoa reindeers ♥♥♥

I wanted to share the directions with you! so YOU can make them for your friends and people YOU are Greateful for ♥

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BinG’ prepares to Run Elf Run!

07 November, 20230 Comments

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“Silliness Unleashed: When a Mischievous Elf Visits on Halloween”

31 October, 20230 Comments


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A funny elf-themed workout

29 October, 20230 Comments

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BinG’s Run Elf Run 5K Race

13 October, 20230 Comments

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