2023 August 21 RUN ELF RUN


Join our 5k fun run and experience the joy of jogging, the thrill of trotting, and the RUN ELF RUN FUN RACE! … well, for me BinG, maybe not exactly running or sprinting, but definitely moving faster than a sloth on vacation!

Hi again! Its me, the elf named BinG, did you know I have a peculiar fondness for running? Not just any kind of running, mind you, but running exactly 5 miles. Why 5 miles you ask? Well, I believe that it is the perfect distance to work up a good sweat without tiring out my tiny elf legs.

But first… let me ask, have you ever seen an elf run? It’s like trying to outpace their own twinkling shoes, as if they are headed right towards delicious hot chocolate and cookies!! Well, that’s kinda like me BinG, the last time I ran 5 miles. Silly me.. I couldn’t help but get distracted by the decorations and holiday magic in the air at the North Pole. My friends and even a mischievous dog named Skittles decided to join me, zipping alongside with his fluffy tail acting as a running partner, his feet moving in a blur as he tried to keep up and then wait on all the speedy racers. I was having such FUN!! But my BinG elf-sized attention span got the better of me when I spotted all of the colorful decorations and couldn’t resist taking a look, and that’s when I tripped and tumbled head over heels on the ice, landing right on top of a pile of snow.

I laid there… gazed up at the canopy of snowy trees above, giggling at my own clumsiness. All of my friends gathered around, sprinkling me with fairy dust, which only made me burst into fits of even louder laughter. But then… I suddenly realized… silly elf, I was only halfway through the 5-mile run!!!

So, I hopped up, my tiny legs carrying me forward with a series of joyful leaps and bounds until I crossed the finish line.. then, I collapsed in a heap of laughter and exhaustion, happy to be surrounded by my friends. Who of course congratulated me with high-fives, paw pats, and hot cocoa.

From that day on, a 5-mile run became a delightful North Pole tradition, so we decided we should bring smiles, laughter, and a dash of magic to the Enchanted City of Pontiac.
Bring your family and sign up to attend Run Elf Run Race sponsored by the Oakland County Board of Commoners.

Author: Holiday Extravaganza

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