2022 November 18 Trying Ice Cream

Trying Ice Cream

In the North Pole, us elves like to eat a lot of different cold snacks. But LuLu and I have never tried ice cream.

I know! It’s crazy! A sugary dessert that an elf hasn’t tried.

My first flavor choice was vanilla, but I added all of my favorite candies and sauces on top. We put sprinkles, gummy worms, hot fudge, hot caramel, cherries, m&m’s and even added whipped cream.

Wow! I was so impressed with the deliciousness that I went back for seconds. This time, I took the moose tracks flavor: it has peanut butter cups mixed into it.

As a new ice cream fan, I had to take a look at why ice cream is so special.

I bet you didn’t know that before she was prime minister of England, Margaret Thatcher was a chemist. She helped prefect the soft-serve ice cream recipe.

I thought scooping my own ice cream fresh was special and delicious, but watching the machine pump out soft, almost drinkable, ice cream and then getting to slurp it down on a waffle cone was way too much fun!

Another cool fact I learned is chocolate ice cream was invented before vanilla. It was inspired by hot chocolate!! Have you ever had the chocolate ice cream mixed with marshmallows?

It was shocking to learn that at any given time approximately 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer. That’s like getting together ten of your friends and finding nine of you have ice cream in your freezer.

Now I understand why people were always so shocked to learn I’d never had any before.

I’d love to get some recommendations on your favorite ice cream! I’ll try them all!!!



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