2022 November 12 Why I Love Snowflakes

Why I Love Snowflakes

Most people do not understand how I could love the cold as much as I do.

They say, “BinG, all of that cold is just no fun. You can’t do anything and walk around shivering.”

But I disagree, there are plenty of activities like cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, sledding, building snowmen (women and children), snowball fights, carriage rides…my list could go on forever.

The cold and the snow make me feel so homey.

Plus, snow is the most beautiful weather I have ever seen.

Snow glistens and sparkles like gems from faraway lands. It can fall lazily like a dream, or so hard you can’t see.

Plus, snow is special. Just like people, no two snowflakes are the same. Each one is complex and unusual in it’s own way, coming in many shapes, sizes and designs.

To learn how snow is made, put on your science hat.

When water are vapors in the air, in their gaseous state, they freeze and form crystals of ice. They then fall from the cloud and become the peaceful weather we know as snow.

Actually, did you know that snow is actually clear? It only appears white because of the way the light reflects off the ice crystals which make up the snow.

I hope you give snow another chance when it falls next time and think of it as something other than a cold mess.

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