2022 November 03 How Santa began attending Holiday Extravaganza

How Santa began attending Holiday Extravaganza

Well, friends, I’m back again.

I spent a long summer at the North Pole getting ready for the, get this, forty-first Holiday Extravaganza. While I was speaking with Santa about it this summer, he told me he couldn’t believe it had been that long. As I’m sure is true with many of you, we have always looked forward to this event, Santa especially. Not only does he get a first glimpse of all the little children in Michigan, but he gets to see one of his favorite cities: Pontiac.

I want to share with you the story of how Santa began attending Holiday Extravaganza.

It was a cold, snowy morning in mid-Summer. Santa had just finished grooming the reindeer ahead of their flying practice, so he was washing his hands in the warm water basin before heading inside to grab a bite to eat. He had cookies on the mind and was surprised when he turned off the faucet and came face to face with Stamp, the mail elf.

Now, you must know, it is not unusual for Santa to get a letter in the mail. He gets thousands upon thousands every year. But he normally gets them in November and December, not the beginning of June. With excitement, Santa and Stamp opened the letter and read:

Dear Santa,

Your presence is requested at the Holiday Extravaganza Parade in Downtown Pontiac, Michigan on the first Saturday of December. We know it will be your busy season, but hope you will consider joining us. We know you’ll make so many kids happy with your appearance. We’re happy to accommodate Mrs. Claus and secure a stable for your reindeer.


The Planning Committee

It was such a thoughtful invitation; Santa couldn’t help but accept. And now, it’s 41 years later and he’ll be back again soon. This is one of our favorite traditions. We hope it’s one of yours, too.

Love, BinG

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