2021 November 29 Making a difference

Making a difference

The Fran Anderson Making A Difference Scholarship is always awarded to one student from each of our four collaborating communities of Auburn Hills, Pontiac, Waterford and White Lake. They are students that go above and beyond to do something special or important, selflessly, for their community while in high school. Students may enter to win the $1,000 scholarship and are selected by a local official in the community.

Making a difference can be something as small as cleaning up litter in your local community. Now that I’ve been helping my friends at McLaren for almost a whole season of fun and excitement, I know how much a small act can mean.

Friends, with the holiday so close upon us I encourage you to start thinking of small acts of kindness to do for your friends, family and neighbors. If it snows, and you have a shovel, consider clearing your neighbors driveway or walkway for them. If you are at the grocery store picking up a few items, call a friend to see if they need something as well.

One thing you can do to immediately brighten the moods of many people are making cards for those that will be in the hospital this holiday season. Though they have friends and family that come to visit and make them happy, this offer is sure to be sweeter than sugar.

Send the letters to McLaren Oakland to be delivered to our sick friends.

BinG <3

Author: Holiday Extravaganza