2021 November 08 Winter Sports

Winter Sports

At the North Pole, the only sports we can play are those that take place outdoors. We play games like ice hockey and snowboarding, but do you know what other winter sports there are to play?

Hi, friends, I want to share with you five winter sports that are played around the world and a few details about how they are played.

  1. We must start with Hockey. This sport is played globally, and is an elf favorite. Two teams, each with six players, compete to score goals with a rubber puck and rounded sticks. It’s a fast game and can be dangerous if not properly equipped with protective padding.
  2. Curing is another elf favorite, and is much better suited for those who do not have safety equipment. In this game, teams slide a polished stone over ice towards a specific target.
  3. A popular human sport during the winter is snowshoeing. This is for those who love to hike, but snow gets in the way. Participants wear special shoes and take a trek for fun or through a race to a destination.
  4. Specially trained and talented athletes speed skate, which is a competitive race anywhere from 400 to 1000 meters long and require skates to wear skates anywhere from 30 to 45 centimeters long.
  5. Downhill snowboarding and skiing is another popular sport among elves and humans. It requires each individual to use concentration to avoid potential obstacles and have fun. They are difficult sports.

Did I list you favorite winter sport? If not, what is it? Let me know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

BinG <3

Author: Holiday Extravaganza