2021 November 01 Forming Collections

Forming Collections

Hi. I am Jingle, BinG’s close friend and assistant for Holiday Extravaganza year 40. I am happy to be helping with this event, but even more happy to be in Michigan. My jobs as elf have ranged from “White Winter Operator” to “Reindeer Antler Polisher.” I am 657 years old.

BinG asked me to help with Holiday Extravaganza because of my eye for fun, excitement and organization. BinG believes in me to make Holiday Extravaganza an event to remember for the collaborating communities. He wanted me to introduce myself to you lovely people. Thank you for reading my blog.

My favorite pass-time has always been collecting. I love to collect things. My friends say it’s a problem, but when I see something I like I can’t help but gather as many of the items as I can and store them on shelves, in drawers and in my basement. Do you know what is a collection?

A collection is an assembly of items, especially one systematically ordered. If you want to succeed, you must commit to your collection. Some people save all of the tickets to movies they have been to, others have a t-shirt from places they’ve been and some even save small mementos from big life moments. The important part is that you care about your collection.

At Holiday Extravaganza, organizers and volunteers have been collecting memories for years. Many of these memories exist in the form of images. If you’d like to see more of these images check out our Facebook page as we head down memory lane of the past 40 incredible years.

Were you a part of any of our previous years of Holiday Extravaganza? Share your photos with us for a chance to be featured.

Jingle (-:

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