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Making a difference

29 November, 20210 Comments

The Fran Anderson Making A Difference Scholarship is always awarded to one student from each of our four collaborating communities of Auburn Hills, Pontiac, Waterford and White Lake. They are students that go above and beyond to do something special or important, selflessly, for their community while in high school. Students may enter to win the $1,000 scholarship and are selected by a local official in the community.

Making a difference can be something as small as cleaning up litter in your local

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BinG’s Birthday

22 November, 20210 Comments

Hello friends, this weekend will be my birthday!

I’ve now had several birthday’s while in Michigan, but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the wild  celebrations that take place here. It seems friends and family always go to extremes to make you feed special on your big day.

I’m now 316 years old, so my friends and family back home do not celebrate me as much as they did 100, or even 200, years ago. I can understand why, but cake, frosting, sprinkles, dishes of candy, ice cream and

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15 November, 20210 Comments

The world is a really big place. I’ve traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas and learned some really cool things throughout my journeys. What I have learned most recently may surprise you as Michigan has many one of a kind things.

Many people I meet ask me what my favorite part about Michigan is and every time I tell them it’s the kindness and hospitality of everyone. My second most favorite thing, though, are the sights.

For example, did you know Michigan has more than 3,000 miles

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Winter Sports

08 November, 20210 Comments

At the North Pole, the only sports we can play are those that take place outdoors. We play games like ice hockey and snowboarding, but do you know what other winter sports there are to play?

Hi, friends, I want to share with you five winter sports that are played around the world and a few details about how they are played.

  1. We must start with Hockey. This sport is played globally, and is an elf favorite. Two teams,
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Forming Collections

01 November, 20210 Comments

Hi. I am Jingle, BinG’s close friend and assistant for Holiday Extravaganza year 40. I am happy to be helping with this event, but even more happy to be in Michigan. My jobs as elf have ranged from “White Winter Operator” to “Reindeer Antler Polisher.” I am 657 years old.

BinG asked me to help with Holiday Extravaganza because of my eye for fun, excitement and organization. BinG believes in me to make Holiday Extravaganza an event to remember for the collaborating communities. He wanted me to

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