2021 October 18 Our New Friend, McLaren Oakland

Our New Friend, McLaren Oakland

Hi, Friends! It’s me, BinG. I’m here today to share with you some exciting news. This year, Elf Headquarters is McLaren Oakland. We’ve had many fond friends over the years take us in and care for us while we helped prepare for the most magical event of the year, Holiday Extravaganza.

Some friends took us on Michigan adventures, others fed us too much sugar, and still others taught us about what makes the holidays special for the children that come to our parade, but none have ever been quite as special as McLaren.

Friends, we’ve only been here a short time and I can tell you already that while Holiday Extravaganza brings magic to our community members the healthcare experts serving the community through comprehensive medical treatment from emergencies to cancer are the real magic performers. Each day, they selflessly put the health and safety of others first to keep families together for special life events like the first day of school, birthdays and Holiday Extravaganza itself. We are undeserving of their commitment.

I’m ecstatic that us elves can now serve the great people of Michigan beyond helping spread holiday cheer. Anyone visiting McLaren will notice an extra spark of magic in the air. We are constantly moving about the facilities to ensure elf magic is always present. So while we prepare for the 40th year of our great parade, we are also tirelessly working to support the real heroes in our community.

If you see our McLaren friends at our Holiday Extravaganza events, be sure to stop by and say thank you. Tell them thank you for their great work saving lives, and then mention that I sent you. 😊

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store this year!

Love, BinG <3

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