2020 November 17 Learning how to drive

Learning how to drive

I’m sure you’ve heard by now: Holiday Extravaganza will be taking place at the M1 Concourse this year as a drive-thru event!!

It’s very exciting news, and LuLu and I are absolutely going crazy not being able to share with you all the fun surprises the Holiday Extravaganza team is brewing.

For example, you know the floats will be stationary this year. You know you’ll get to see the best costume characters. You also know Santa and his reindeer will be making a special social distanced trip to conclude your ride around the parade track.

But there is so much you don’t know, and I’m not allowed to tell. Don’t you even ask.

Since it’s a drive-thru parade, I decided this was the year I would learn how to drive. After all, I am going to be turning 205 years old in January. It is about time I face my fears and get behind the wheel.

Last year, I told you about learning to ride a bike. If you recall, that didn’t go very well for me. My friends here at Holiday Extravaganza thought I was joking when I suggested I learn how to drive. At first they laughed and laughed, and then when they noticed I was not joking they begged me to reconsider.

No need to fear, I’m actually a great driver. I only hit half the cones in the practice parking lot. Look at this picture the Holiday Extravaganza crew took of me:

Living so close to the Motor City for two years now, and becoming an expert driver, made me a very curious elf.

I learned the average person spends, on average, two weeks of their entire life at red lights. Suddenly, I’m very glad I only just learned to drive hehe.

If you’re a music fan, you might be surprised to know most car horns in the United States beep to the F key. Let me know if you already knew that – I find it so fascinating.

My favorite thing I learned is 90% of drivers sing behind the wheel. I’m totally guilty of belting Jingle Bells, even if only around the same parking lot 100 times.

My goal is to be proficient enough driving by December 5th to be among you fabulous guests at the parade. I hope to enjoy the special festivities the same way you will.

Until next time,

BinG <3




Author: BinG

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