2020 August 26 The Reason it Snows

The Reason it Snows

Hi friends,

I come to you today completely outraged.

This morning I overheard LuLu having a conversation with some of the neighbor children and they are under the impression Santa cannot fly his sleigh without snow!

Please always remember: The reason Santa is able to fly his sleigh is a combination between the magic the reindeer have and the holiday spirit in the world.

Repeat after me: Santa does not need snow to fly.

In fact, many of the places he visits each year don’t have snow.

For example, when Santa visits the children in the southern hemisphere they are in the middle of summer. This is because of the way the earth is titled in relation to the sun. Last year, I told you about my midnight sun. The same concept can be applied to summer versus winter.

Michigan is in the northern hemisphere. When the December holiday season comes around we are getting ready for winter. We have the least sun.

But our friends in the southern hemisphere are experiencing more sun. Our shortest day of the year is their longest – simple due to the tilt of the Earths axis.

The boys and girls in the southern hemisphere get visited by Santa each year, too, and they don’t get the snow.

Now let’s discuss why and how it snows. Most people I meet dream of the classic ‘white Christmas,’ but it doesn’t always happen on time.

Quite a few things have to be perfect for it to snow, but most importantly the outside temperature needs to be at or below freezing temperature. This is 32°F.

However, it is important to note snow does fall when it’s warmer than freezing. It just creates different types of snowflakes and ultimately snow once it hits the ground.

Next, there needs to be enough condensation in the clouds to freeze together and create the tiny ice crystals we talked about in my snowflake blog post. If enough stick together they become heavy and fall to the ground as what we know as snow.

Met Office says, “Snowflakes that fall through dry, cool air will be small, powdery snowflakes that don’t stick together.”

They then say that when the temperature is slightly warmer than freezing the snowflakes will melt around the edges and stick together to become big, heavy flakes.

You see, there are many factors that come into whether or not it is going to snow. Santa just needs his trusty reindeer and the children around the world to believe in him.




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