2020 August 19 Traditional Clothing

Traditional Clothing

Let’s talk about clothes – more specifically, traditional clothing.

My elf ancestors traditionally wear very bright colors. If they are caught out in a snow storm they needed to make sure their friends and family could find them. Our favorite colors to wear are green and red.

The bright colored clothing is usually double insulated with animal hide to keep us warm during those impossibly cold (but very enjoyable) months.

Since coming to Michigan during these summer months, Lulu and I have noticed many different kinds of outfits and decided to do some research about what people traditionally wear across the globe. Our double insulated, bright colored clothing wouldn’t work for people who live in warmer climates, or who are hunters for their families.

Native North Americans dressed by using buckskin clothing, or deer hide. They also found objects while hunting and gathering like tree bark, shells and stones that they used for jewelry and as beads on their clothing.

In South America, our friends in Bolivia wear ponchos made from Alpaca Wool. These are large fabric squares with holes cut out for the head to fit through. They get decorated in bright colors!

Our friends in Mexico wear clothing to protect their skin from the harsh sun. They wear wide brimmed hats called ‘sombreros’ to block out the sun. Other things to know about their traditional clothing is it is very colorful, bright and modest.

Tell me about what your ancestors traditionally wear in the comments below or over on social media. I’d love to learn more about you.

Keep your eye out for a fun competition we have coming soon where YOU can design ME a new outfit to wear!!






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