2020 July 15 Bubbles in the Summer

Bubbles in the Summer

Hi Friends,

I’m back! Me, BinG, I’m back in Michigan!

It was a very long winter, and even longer spring, anticipating what might happen with our wonderful parade and festival.

Santa assured me that our fantastic volunteers and planners are doing everything they can to make sure Holiday Extravaganza 2020 is SAFE and FUN! They take the health of all guests very seriously.

This year I brought my sister LuLu with me. She heard about all the fun I had at the parade last year and requested to join me.

It will be nice to have my family at the parade this year after seeing all of you with yours last year!

Together we’ve been finding new ways to have fun in the summer heat without leaving the Michigan Elf Headquarters.

Here is what we’ve been doing:

Riding bicycles (Click the link to read about the first time I rode with just 2 wheels last year.)

-Using sidewalk chalk

-Playing in sprinklers

-Blowing bubbles

Did you know that a bubble is just air wrapped in soap foam? Yep, that’s it!

My friends at Kids Discover taught me, “The outside and inside surfaces of a bubble consist of soap molecules. A thin layer of water lies between the two layers of soap molecules, sort of like a water sandwich with soap molecules for bread. They work together to hold air inside.”

Bubbles will all eventually pop because the water in the soap sandwich evaporates. It happens faster when it’s hot out, and super slow when it’s cold.

In fact, on a winter day they can freeze and last for several minutes!

What have you been up to this summer?

Source: https://www.kidsdiscover.com/teacherresources/bubbles-for-kids/

Author: BinG

My name is BinG and I am the elf in charge over at the Holiday Extravaganza. If there are two things I like it’s sugar and anything with extravaganza in the name. And guess what, with me in charge there will be plenty of sugar AT the extravaganza :O It’s like a holiday wish come true.

Website: http://www.holidayextravagnaza.org