2019 November 29 Thanksgiving Thankfullness

Thanksgiving Thankfullness











BinG reporting in with a full stomach 🙂

I think my first ever Thanksgiving was successful.

I ate too much and fell asleep watching football with Mr. Jones. Still decided to eat pie, I mean, come on…it’s sugar, I couldn’t pass that up

And then, when the night was dying down I snuck back into the kitchen for leftovers hehehe

Coming from the North Pole, I have never celebrated the holiday before.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Jones showed me the hand turkeys they made in school and told me all the stories they learned about the occasion from their history classes.

It was all very fascinating material and I encourage you to check out a book or two from your local library. Learning for fun is the best kind of learning 🙂
Of everything we did yesterday being thankful was my favorite.

Before we began to eat we went around the table and told each other what we were most thankful for during the year. I wanted to share my list with you:

  • Sugar
  • Snow
  • Santa
  • Sleigh Rides
  • Slurpees 
  • This opportunity

Friends ~ leaving home to Michigan for the year was very terrifying for me. When Santa assigned me to make the Holiday Extravaganza the best ever I didn’t know where to begin.

I have learned a LOT from all the children of Michigan and my friends at Genisys that has helped me to become a better elf. I am confident Santa will be pleased, and I’m eager to watch you all have fun.

Today, Mrs. Jones, the elves, and I are swirling up the leftovers to make new dishes. You won’t be surprised my favorite is the Apple Pie Milkshake. We found the recipe on Food Network for this dessert!!

All you have to do is add a little bit of milk, a drop of vanilla, and a pinch of cinnamon into a blender with a slice of apple pie. After it’s all blended up add it to your favorite glass and drizzle with caramel sauce!! 

It’s so sugary and so delicious. 😀

Talk to you next week, friends~

BinG <3




Author: BinG

My name is BinG and I am the elf in charge over at the Holiday Extravaganza. If there are two things I like it’s sugar and anything with extravaganza in the name. And guess what, with me in charge there will be plenty of sugar AT the extravaganza :O It’s like a holiday wish come true.

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