2019 August 30 I <3 Animals

I <3 Animals











I. Love. The. Zoo.

Do you KNOW how many animals I saw today?!

Friends ~ I went to the Detroit Zoo today and saw all of the animals I’ve always dreamed of seeing.

Up at the North Pole we only have reindeer :/

Well, I suppose we also have farm animals…but those are not nearly as exciting as lions and tigers and bears hehe.

It really got me thinking about Holiday Extravaganza and I think we need a zoo. What do you think?

I think it’s the perfect any-time activity. It was gorgeous getting to walk around in a t-shirt all day, but I can totally imagine doing the very same thing with a hat and a scarf.

I’m told we can’t transport all of the animals from Detroit to Pontiac to march in the parade, BUT we can bring in a petting zoo with the most adorable animals to squeeze and share love with.

But what if you could meet a llama, would that make you happy? Hehehe it would make me very happy. 

Llamas are just so….llamay hehehe.

Donkeys too. They’re like mini horses, but not. Watching those guys smile makes my heart smile. They are such happy animals.

Oooohhh and  I can just imagine you cuddled up with a chicken, just enjoying life. 

I’ll be in contact with petting zoo peoples as soon as possible so you can have the joyous occasion of viewing animals too!!

Because I enjoyed my time at the Detroit Zoo so much, my friends at Genisys are arranging a give away. You’ll have to check it out on the social media because it’s supposed to be a secret and I could get in trouble by sharing too much. Just go check it out hehehe 🙂


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