2019 August 23 Look, two wheels :P

Look, two wheels :P











You know what I had never done until today?

Bike riding.

I saw the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jones out cycling around the driveway and asked her if I could give it a go.

She was very hesitant and insisted Mr. Jones help me do it. This made me a very angry elf. If she could do it why couldn’t I?

Yes, I very quickly learned that balancing on two wheels is not an easy task hehe

They got an old bike and put the training wheels back on for me. I hope to be riding on two wheels before the cold comes!!

I found this so fun and silly that I sent my friends back home photos of me! 

They told me the first bicycle was invented in 1818 and was called a ‘Dandy Horse.’ This was a bad design for many reasons, but most notably the frame continually had to be adjusted for different sized people.

In 1850, a three wheeled bike hit the market. This is similar to what I was riding 😀

By 1885, the final design for the bicycle was perfected! It was called the Safety Bicycle and has most of the same features as the modern bike “including the chain drive.”

Many other bicycle inventions have hit the market since, but this is the type of bike I got to ride and that my friends are most familiar with.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go practice riding the bike.









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