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one horse open carriage












Because I’m missing home an awful lot during these roasty toasty summer months, I thought I’d contact some local friends to help me introduce my favorite summertime activity.

Horse drawn wagon rides!!


This Holiday Extravaganza you can have a free ride 🙂

This idea didn’t originate for the sole purpose of having fun in the snow! At one time this was the only mode of transportation available.

It is estimated that the carriage, known as a chariot, was invented in 3,000 B.C. in Mesopotamia! :O 

I know about horse drawn carriages from my favorite Disney movie Cinderella. And I see them all the time on TV with the Queen in the United Kingdom.

But once upon a time (hehe see what I did there?) these were everyday devices like the car.

In 1829 England, the very first “hail-and-ride” carriage BUS was introduced!

It wasn’t until 1910 that automobiles outnumbered the horse and buggy combination. 

This means that even though the cars we know today seem to have been around forever, their history is miniscule compared to horse drawn carriages.

Our Amish friends still use this mode of transportation. 

Historic cities like New York City and Charleston also offer tours on horse drawn carriages.

While I was writing this post, Mr. and Mrs. Jones suggested taking the elves and I up to Mackinac Island where they also offer these tours!!

How cool would that be?? The ultimate Michigan tourist experience 🙂

I’m told they also serve fudge up there….hehehe sugar 😛

Toodles, Friends~~

BinG <3



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