2019 August 02 Sugar Sandwiches

Sugar Sandwiches












Whew, this summer heat is getting to me!

How do you Michigan people DO this?

Sometimes when I’m at the North Pole I wish the sun would come out, but if I knew it was going to make me sweat this much I would un-make that wish!

It’s really hard to keep my secret elf identity when I’m covered in sweat-glitter all the time…

Yesterday, I was at the hardware store buying supplies for Holiday Extravaganza…. and I think one of you recognized me for my true identity :O

If it was YOU, please don’t say anything!!

Santa would be so disappointed in me 🙁 

If that happens my fun surprises might never happen

Like, did I tell you about the s’mores yet?!

A graham cracker, a piece of chocolate, and delicious marshmallows roasted until gooey over a hot fire.

Unfortunately, my expert friends can’t agree on where these fun treats originated. Some think the Girl Scouts, others Campfire Girls, and still others think they come all the way from the Victorian era.

Either way we’ll be serving them at the WinterFUN Festival potion of the Holiday Extravaganza!! Woohooo sugar sandwiches.

Marshmallows haven’t always been the light, airy genatin puffs we know them as today. These delicious sugary snacks actually got their name from a swamp plant. A marsh = swamp, mallow =plant produced a sticky white sap used for curing sore throats!

In the 1800s, the French whipped this sap with egg whites to create the first ever marshmallow. 

And usually s’more are associated with summer time and camp fires, but I promise…no matter which ‘ice’ season the North Pole finds itself in us elves are devouring them!

It’s the best type of snack 🙂

Good day, friends ~

BinG <3



Source: Rebecca Rupp, The Gooey Story of S’mores, (August 14, 2015, National Geographic) https://www.nationalgeographic.com/people-and-culture/food/the-plate/2015/08/14/the-gooey-story-of-smores/ 


Author: BinG

My name is BinG and I am the elf in charge over at the Holiday Extravaganza. If there are two things I like it’s sugar and anything with extravaganza in the name. And guess what, with me in charge there will be plenty of sugar AT the extravaganza :O It’s like a holiday wish come true.

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