2019 July 26 midnight sun!!

midnight sun!!











Ooooohhhhh the heat is really getting to me.

I know you Michigan people like it, but I do noooooot.

Someone tell me it will be over soon?? :,(

Summer in the North Pole is so much nicer because the average temperature is only about 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but the sun is up all day long! 

I so enjoy the sunlight, but not the heat that comes with it. 

We are known for our ‘Midnight Sun.’ 

This happens because of the way the earth is tilted on its axis. This axis always points the same way in space. As the earth rotates around the sun, that consistent tilt makes the North Pole face right at the sun or completely away from it.

Image result for athropolis picture of the sunlight on north pole

This image is from my friends at athropolis to help you visualize what I mean. You can see the North Pole on the top there 🙂

Us elves like to spend time outdoors sledding, going for carriage rides, and having cookouts during the summer months. 

We, of course, like to stay bundled up but sometimes we take off our hats hehe

The hardest part about living during the midnight sun is finding time to sleep.

Did you know that all people (even elves) have something called a circadian rhythm? There are lots of really big science terms that help describe this, but for your understanding this means that the sunlight and darkness play a huge role in feeling sleepy or not.

Us elves have to decide when night time is by beginning to close ourselves off from sunlight for a few hours before we go to bed. Room darkening curtains are life savers.

It also helps that Santa’s workshop is underground. 

I can’t wait to get back home to enjoy the cold!! Hehe


BinG <3 



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