2019 July 19 Sno in the Summer :P

Sno in the Summer :P












My friends ~

It’s good to be writing to you. It has been SO HOT here in Michigan I have felt like a snowman sitting in the sun…

…melting…melting….melting 🙁

That is my bad news for the week. A melting elf.

The good news is, my host family, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, have been teaching my elf friends and I all about staying cool in the summer months.

I learned about a brand new way to eat sugar: SNO-CONES

Listen, you’d think at the North Pole we’d have figured out absolutely everything to do with snow by now but we have it so often it’s almost like we forget it exists.

My friends back home first thought I was crazy for liking this simple delight, until they too tried a bite. 

It was back in the American Industrial Revolution when mothers first came up with this idea!

Ice would be shipped on wagons from city to city, and while they passed through towns children would ask to scrape ice from the block. Their mothers would make flavoring to pour over the top. The most popular at the time was: egg custard made with eggs, vanilla, and SUGAR!!!!!

During the Great Depression they became available across the nation, and because they’re made of ice everyone could afford them at their cheap cost.

In 1919, the Sno-cone machine was invented by Samuel Bert. In 1934, the first ice shaver was invented in New Orleans.

The Sno-Cones I have been enjoying are made of shaved ice and topped with thick, sugary syrup. 

My favorite so far is the watermelon one! I have tried the blue-raspberry, the cherry and the green apple too.

I highly recommend this icy confection to help keep cool on these roasty toasty days 🙂

Until next week My friends ~

BinG <3


Source: A history of sno-cones, https://www.gmpopcorn.com/resources/blog/a-history-of-sno-cones

Author: BinG

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