2019 July 05 Welcome to my bloG :)

Welcome to my bloG :)











Greetings, friends ~


My name is BinG and I am the elf in charge over at the Holiday Extravaganza.


If there are two things I like it’s sugar and anything with extravaganza in the name.


And guess what, with me in charge there will be plenty of sugar AT the extravaganza :O


It’s like a holiday wish come true.


Right now it’s summer which is super duper crazy to me. In the North Pole, we don’t have summer. We have ‘ice’ season and ‘more ice’ season.


My first sunburn scared me, but my friends at Genisys made sure I had aloe so I could keep on working.


Oh…speaking of work…I should tell you. The countdown is on: we officially have 6 months until Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the reindeer touchdown in beautiful Southern Michigan.


This week my team and I are building the stable and making arrangements to grow cotton candy trees. It’s for the reindeer, but I will probably sneak a few bushels for myself hehe don’t tell.


I’ll be back next week to spoil more secrets hehehe shhhh




BinG <3