Attending The Parade This Year

Willow Run Rosies
Dear Santa,

                      Okay, friends ~  Today, we’re talking letters to Santa. First things first: Make sure to send them out by December 8,

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World Holidays #1

                      Hi friends~ Today, we’re going to talk about holidays from around the world. Even though I live in the North Pole and

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                    Hi ~ friends ~ and welcome back to my bloG!! It’s me, your favorite elf, BinG 😉 Last week I gave you the recipe to make the

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SUGAR cookies

                    Hello Friends ~~ It’s me, BinG, Now that the elves and I are done with the hardest part of our job, building the reindeer

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                    After a few looooooooong months of construction it looks like the reindeer stable is finally complete… Hi ~ by the way, It’s

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chocolate….need i say more?

                        Friends ~ Today. Is a good. Day.  I had my monthly chat with Santa this morning and he said, “I am excited to

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Scholarship Alert 🙂

                    Hello friends ~ I have exciting news to share today!! In honor of a wonderful lady named Fran Anderson, the people of Holiday

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Rosie The Riveter Drill Team Coming to Holiday Extravaganza 2019

December 7th marks 78 years since the horrific attack on Pearl Harbor which killed 2,403 service members and civilians and sunk two US Navy Battleships. This year Holiday Extravaganza gets to honor

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